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PSA 2016

Novus is proud to join the best in the poultry industry in New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.A. to discuss the latest in a vast array of research, technology and solutions aimed at improving the efficacy, sustainability and profitability of global meat and egg production.


Multiple research abstracts were selected for presentation throughout the week. The Novus-submitted presentations are listed below:

To view the research abstracts, please click on the title of the appropriate presentation below.

Oral Presentations:

Evaluation of xylanase form and dose in broilers fed wheat-based diets

Dr. Frances Yan

Session: Metabolism and Nutrition: Enzymes I

Evaluation of CIBENZA® DP100 protease enzyme on apparent illeal amino acid digestibility

Dr. Karen Wedekind

Session: Metabolism and Nutrition: Enzymes II

Does phytate origin affect phytase response differently?

Roger Davin

Session: Metabolism and Nutrition: Enzymes II

Effect of chelated copper on gut health in broilers

Dr. Juxing Chen

Session: Metabolism and Nutrition: Vitamins and Minerals

Poster Presentation:

Efficacy of a next generation microbial phytase in laying hens fed corn-soybean meal-based diets

Dr. Megharaja Manangi

Session: Metabolism and Nutrition: Enzymes