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Joint health in companion animals is a major cause of concern for their owners. Normal wear and tear on joints occurs daily, which may result in poor joint function with aging. But even in young or adult animals, with a high level of activity (agility, hunting, jumping, etc), keeping their joints as healthy as possible is also essential as they depend on their ability to move to perform their job at a high level.

NEM® brand partially hydrolyzed eggshell membrane is a natural, food-sourced ingredient that supports joint health, derived from the membrane lining of eggshells. It is obtained through a patented, chemical free, mechanical separation process, followed by an enzymatic partial hydrolyzation. The result is a unique composition of high-value nutrients beneficial for the joints, including collagen (Type I, V, and X), glycosaminoglycans (hyaluronic acid, chondroitin, glucosamine, keratin and others), peptides and sulfur-containing amino acids.

Primary Health Benefits of NEM:

  • Supports joint health: shown by clinical studies in various species including humans and dogs
  • Fast and sustained action: positive effects can be seen in as early as seven days and continue over the weeks of oral administration
  • Complete approach: promotes joint comfort, mobility, healthy cartilage and provides beneficial nutrients for the joints
  • Improves quality of life

NEM has a neutral taste and is easy to use in all your joint care formulations for pet food, pet treats or supplements.