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Improving broiler and turkey foot pad health

Foot pad dermatitis is mainly associated with wet or sticky litters. Hence, any change in litter moisture content can have a direct effect on the incidence and degree of FPD on a farm. A well-adjusted diet to support a healthy intestinal micro-flora balance, maximizes nutrient utilization, thereby reduces the incidence of diarrhea, resulting in a drier and more qualitative litter.

In this context, Novus provides an innovative, nutritional solution, an innovative blend of protected flavoring compounds including primarily benzoic acid specifically designed to act profoundly on the intestinal microbiota of poultry, in order to contribute to better bird performance (AVIMATRIX®). Various studies in cooperation with independent research institutes in Europe and trials performed under commercial field conditions, show AVIMATRIX improves feed efficiency, increases growth, and enhances litter quality significantly, reducing the incidence of footpad lesions.

Through optimizing the litter quality, AVIMATRIX significantly impacts the prevalence of foot pad dermatitis in a flock. Various experimental and commercial field trials in broiler and turkey operations around Europe, based on the inclusion of 500g AVIMATRIX per ton of feed, have demonstrated a reduction of foot pad lesions can be obtained of almost 35 % in average varying from 20% to 50%.

Recently a large scale commercial trial, in cooperation with one of the main broiler integrations in the Netherlands, involving more than 200.000 birds, demonstrated at the slaughterhouse AVIMATRIX fed birds had less severe foot pad lesions which resulted in a decrease in average foot pad score for all supplemented flocks of 23% compared to the birds receiving the standard non-supplemented diet.

AVIMATRIX can also support foot pad health in turkeys. An experimential research with the main turkey breeder company in Germany (Moorgut-Kartzfehn GmbH) showed a significant reduction of the total foot pad score by adding AVIMATRIX to the diet, from 106.5 down to 55.0 (p<0.05); the incidence of severe lesions (score 3+4) was strongly reduced from 43% down to 13% in favor of the number of foot pads with low levels of lesions (score 1+2) which increased from 12% to 33%.

For more information, contact Novus through the form below or email us at info.europe@novusint.com

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