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Maximizing sow profitability

Increasing the sows’ productive lifespan represents a clear financial inventive for producers and is a challenge in the swine industry. The two main reasons for culling are reproductive failure and lameness.

Role of minerals and trace elements

Nutrition and feeding have become cornerstones of animal production as a means to improve performance. Research on sow herds strongly relate mineral and trace mineral nutrition with reproductive and locomotive issues, which are the main performance barriers for sows. Important biochemical reactions in swine are regulated by enzymes and proteins that require trace minerals for normal activity. Zinc (Zn), Manganese (Mn) and copper (Cu) are critical for optimal growth and reproduction, as well as proper collagen forma­tion, which is a structural protein that provides strength to bone and other tissues.

Improving sow longevity and piglet quality

Three year trial results of MINTREX

A study was conducted to determine if MINTREX chelated trace minerals offered similar benefits to sows as those observed in poultry. The objectives of the study were to improve sow reproduction performance and leg health by feeding a blend of MINTREX Zn, Cu and Mn, starting at gilt development and continuing through the animal’s lifetime. The ultimate aim was to improve sow longevity.

How Carthage Veterinary Service (USA) has worked with Novus to implement strategies and studies to improve sow performance and health

As Senior Partner at Carthage Veterinary Service (CVS), Illinois, USA, he and his team oversee 27 farms representing approximately 118,000 sows.

Bill and his team also explained how the veterinary service works very closely with Novus in a bid to maximize sow performance. “Those trials were quite successful and we’ve continued that ongoing relationship as we evaluate products and as we introduce sow nutrition and evaluate specific sow nutrition requirements. We also followed through with the performance of the pigs and the successful strategies for both intake for a sow in farrowing, as well as gestation intake and gestation diets for sows in the breeding barn.”

This study demonstrated the benefits below for sows and piglets with MINTREX supplementation:

  • Lower removal, higher retention rates for both gilts and sows
    • Reduced culling rate in gilts
    • Reduced removal rate of gilts due to locomotion
    • Reduced involuntary removal in sows
  • Improved sow health
    • Reduced sow mortality
    • Improved immune response of gilts
    • Benefits in reproductive performance
  • Better piglet quality
    • More total born, born alive and weaned pigs
    • Higher birth weights

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