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MINTREX delivers more


• First chelates of methionine hydroxy analogue officially approved by US and EU
• Highly bioavailable, scientifically proven

A six-month study was conducted through the dairy cooperative La Pirenaica in Northern Spain on 27 dairy herds that were feeding the same TMR. For the study, 15 herds continued receiving the same TMR and 12 herds received a TMR that included a partial replacement of inorganic trace minerals (ITM) with chelated trace minerals (CTM) in the form of MINTREX®. Feed composition, feed intake, milk production, lameness scores, hock lesions and reproductive performance were monitored for each herd.

At the end of the six-month study, all data, with the exception of reproductive performance, were analyzed using a mixed-effects model and conception rates were analyzed with a three-level mixed-effects logistic regression model with herd as the experimental unit.

No differences in feed intake or milk production were observed between the ITM vs. CTM treatments.

When analyzing lameness data, there was a significant interaction between treatment and month of study indicated by a lower degree of incidence in the last three months of the study. 


• Locomotion and hoof quality
• Better resistance to erosion
• Lower lameness incidence
• Better immune response
• Better response to vaccination

Conception rates were affected by treatment when the cows who had been on the treatment diets for less than 30 days were removed from the analysis: cows in the CTM herds had a significant higher odds ratio of becoming pregnant than cows in the ITM group.


• Better conception rate and fertility
• Less services to get conception

Supplementing cows with a partial replacement of ITMs with MINTREX chelated trace minerals can help reduce lameness and improve conception rates once the cows have been receiving MINTREX for more than 30 days. 

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