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World Dairy Expo 2018

October 2-6, 2018 at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison, Wisconsin

Novus is proud to join the leaders and pioneers of the dairy industry at World Dairy Expo. We work hard to ensure that we deliver products that help producers achieve optimum production at any time of year and any stage of production, regardless of the marketplace.

We look forward to sharing our latest research in ALIMET®, MINTREX® and AGRADO® Plus as well as what’s new in our C.O.W.S.® wellness assessment program.



Tools for Success

Each of our products plays a specific role in aiding producers whether it’s improving milk fat, reducing oxidative stress or increasing reproduction rates.


ALIMET® consists of 88 percent HMTBa. It differs from D,L-methionine sources because it has an OH group on the second carbon instead of an NH 2 group. This unique chemical structure enhances the ability of the molecule to escape ruminal degradation. ALIMET® passes across the rumen, omasum and the rest of the digestive tract system via passive diffusion vs. D,L-methionine, which is absorbed in the small intestine through an active transport system. Because of the OH group in ALIMET®, rumen microorganisms do not readily recognize it as a source of methionine. Therefore, it is degraded much more slowly, with an average rumen bypass of 40 percent.


MINTREX® trace minerals are the most bioavailable trace minerals on the market today. Their unique 2:1 chelated structure allows for a strategic approach in formulation we like to call “Reduce and Replace.” Nutritionists are able to reduce current mineral levels and replace them with a lower volume of a higher quality trace mineral, resulting in a lower total inclusion level yet a higher available trace mineral level. These minerals are proven to reduce lameness, improve reproduction, boost immunity and improve milk fat all while delivering a 55 percent methionine bypass value.


AGRADO® Plus 2.0 feed preservative contains a synergistic blend of antioxidants in combination with a free metal chelator delivering superior efficacy for both animal and plant sourced fats. Additionally, it protects key ingredients such as vitamins from oxidation and reduces harmful reactive oxygen species that can negatively impact animal health and productivity. AGRADO® Plus 2.0 helps alleviate the impact of stressors on the animal and supports the animal’s natural antioxidant mechanism, promoting oxidative balance. With its unique formulation, AGRADO® Plus 2.0 provides three primary benefits to the dairy producer's herd: feed preservation, rumen support and animal protection.


Our highly skilled team of C.O.W.S.® Technical Service representatives spread from the Northeast to the Pacific Northwest and up into Canada and have evaluated over 1,100 farms. They perform confidential farm evaluations by bench-marking cow lying time, gait scores and hock health, facility design and management measures that affect cow comfort including bedding frequency, stall dimensions, neck rail replacement, feed bunk space and much more. Contact us today for your assessment!

For more information about the event, contact Alexi Moehlenpah at alexi.moehlenpah@novusint.com