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Q2 Beef Newsletter

Novus International


Novus Is With You When It Matters!  

Novus International will be participating in several industry events this fall, sharing information from our latest research while meeting with customers and other partners. Look for us at these important venues:

World Dairy Expo                           September 29 - October 3, 2015     Madison, WI
Cornell Nutrition Conference     October 22-23, 2015                         East Syracuse, NY

Earlier this summer, Novus participated in other industry conferences and meetings. Did we see you at these events?

Liquid Feed Symposium | September 2015

American Society of Animal Science/American Dairy Science Association JAM | July 2015

  • Novus was a Silver Level Sponsor and exhibitor at this annual event.
  • Due to their experience and highly regarded reputations in the industry, Novus scientists were invited to present information on studies conducted on the mode of action of HMTBa.
  •  Presentations included: Flow of microbial crude protein out of the rumen when dairy cattle are supplemented with HMTBa, Differences in microbial community structure associated with metabolizable protein and HMTBa supplementation when using in vitro and in vivo methods, In situ degradability, rumen bacterial population, and in vitro gas production in cannulated steers fed diets with and without HMTBa, and HMTBa supplementation increases milk fat and decreases synthesis of alternate bihydrongenation intermediates in diets with risk for milk fat depression.


Ruminant Novus Advantage Conference a Success 

Novus hosted its first ever Ruminant Advantage Conference August 24 – 26, 2015, in Little Rock, Arkansas, home to its MINTREX® chelated trace minerals manufacturing plant. The meeting was host to key customers from across the U.S. and Canada. Customers in attendance had the opportunity to tour the state of the art MINTREX manufacturing facility just outside of Little Rock and heard from industry leading speakers in the areas of trace mineral nutrition.  

Dr. Tom Overton from Cornell University discussed the basic needs and requirements for trace minerals and how different sources of minerals, whether inorganic or organic, can affect how the animal performs. He placed special emphasis on research comparing inorganic trace minerals and organic trace minerals showing increases in bioavailability and utilization by the animal.

Dr. Jeff Hall with Utah State University reviewed trace mineral abnormalities and diagnostics in dairy cattle. Dr. Hall shared key information on ways to detect trace mineral deficiencies or excessiveness and offered different solutions for overcoming those challenges if seen. Additionally, he reviewed the normal ranges of trace mineral content in key measurement parameters such as liver biopsy.

Dr. Heather Tucker from Novus spent time talking specifically about MINTREX in the animal and key performance benefits that can be realized. She covered research comparing MINTREX to both inorganic and other organic sources showing benefits against both.

For more information on these presentations contact Rachel Hieston at Rachel.hieston@novusint.com. Videos of the presentations will be available over the coming months.


Realize the Hidden Value of MINTREX® 

MINTREX® chelated trace minerals are a proven solution for improving animal performance through trace mineral nutrition. Backed by more than 10 years of science, the MINTREX line is the foundation for Novus’s organic trace mineral platform. 

Trace minerals are classified as inorganic or organic. Inorganic trace minerals (ITMs) are often underutilized by the animal due to their low bioavailability. Within the organic trace mineral classification, chelated minerals have a stable and defined structure for maximum absorption. MINTREX chelated trace minerals are at the top of their class with a completely verified 2:1 chelated structure using HMTBa as the ligand. 

Benefits of organic trace minerals include improved enzyme activity, tissue and structural integrity, immune development and response, oxidative balance, and reduced environmental impact. Research consistently shows that MINTREX can increase reproduction by 7 percent, improve overall health by up to 35 percent, and reduce lameness up to 4 percent when compared to ITMs.

The MINTREX molecule is one of only two AAFCO defined chelated trace minerals available on the market today, featuring unmatched quality and maximum value. MINTREX chelated trace minerals are OMRI listed and are the proven solution for optimal animal performance through trace mineral nutrition.


Getting to Know Will Seymour 

What is your official title at Novus?
Ruminant Technical Manager, North America.

How long have you been with Novus?
One year in July.

In your role what is the most interesting thing you do?
Explaining the research and technical basis for the value of our products to customers and prospects.

What has been a unique opportunity in your new role at Novus?
Participating in C.O.W.S. evaluations and report deliveries. This is a great learning experience and service to the dairy. 

What is your favorite Novus product?
ALIMET®, it has almost immediate beneficial effects on the dairy producer’s bottom line. 

What accomplishment or moment in your career are you most proud of?
Helping to research and promote the use of supplemental biotin in dairy cattle. 

Where did you go to graduate school and what did you study?
Virginia Tech, protein and amino acid nutrition of dairy cattle.

What is the oddest or hardest question a customer has ever asked you?
After 20 plus years in the feed industry it would be very difficult to come up with a winner. 

How do you work with customers to address their needs and overcome challenges they face?
I ask open ended questions and try to help customers identify their own needs and goals before offering any solutions.

When you are not promoting Novus products and formulating rations, what do you like to do?
Anything outdoors, American history, sports.


Novus International Green Acres Research Farm