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Q3 Pork Newsletter

Looking to 2016 with Ed Galo  


Novus International, Inc. Revises Bulk Delivery SOPs to Improve Biosecurity  

As the news of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) broke earlier this year, producers throughout the United States altered and heightened their biosecurity measures on-farm to prevent outbreaks. HPAI can cause high mortality in commercial poultry flocks and can be transmitted in various ways, often through direct contact between a healthy bird and an infected bird or its secretions and fecal material. It can also be transmitted by humans and equipment that have been in contact with infected material.

The Customer Supply Chain organization at Novus International quickly responded to all specific requests from customers receiving bulk ALIMET® and SANTOQUIN® deliveries who called for increased biosecurity procedures. Then, they decided to take it a step further and alter their delivery biosecurity procedures.

“We elected to be proactive and let our customers know we were taking steps to help protect their business as we continue to supply them products, like ALIMET®, to keep them productive,” states Rick Kasmarick, Executive Manager, North America Customer Supply Chain. “Our drivers were happy to comply with the new policy. If customers request specific procedures above and beyond our revised measures, we will do our best to comply.”  

The North America Customer Supply Chain organization has further refined delivery protocols this fall and, the following biosecurity procedures are continuing to be implemented by Novus International, Inc. to prevent the chance of spreading of HPAI or any other disease. 

Novus’s response to current and future outbreaks is implementation of the following biosecurity procedures:

  1. Novus’s Customer Service Team will review and accommodate all customer biosecurity procedures to the best of our ability.
  2. Truck drivers have been educated and recognize the significance of this disease and will follow the customer’s individual biosecurity procedures such as:
    1. Utilizing truck wash/spray systems at customer locations
    2. Using disposable booties when requested to and provided by customer
    3. Providing documentation of seal numbers when requested
  3.  All trucks and trailers will be equipped with sanitation kits including:
    1. Tek-Trol aerosol spray or equivalent product
    2. Hand sanitizer
  4.  All hose tubes and meter box doors must be resealed between deliveries.
  5. Prior to re-entering the cab of the truck, drivers will:
    1.  Spray shoes, pants, working jackets, and other articles with Tek-Trol aerosol spray
    2. Apply hand sanitizer

Novus International is committed to the safety, well-being and sustainability of our customers.  This has been a challenging time in our industry and we thank you for partnering with us.  


With You When It Matters 

It has certainly been a busy fall for the team at Novus. We have been attending industry meetings, sales team meetings, looking forward to 2016 and planning and have managed to enjoy some time with our families over the holidays so far as well.

We have been going full force in planning for IPPE in Atlanta in January as a team here at Novus. We are excited to be celebrating our 25th anniversary as a participant at IPPE this year and would like to invite everyone to our annual happy hour on Wednesday, January 27th from 5:00 to 6:30 p.m. at the Omni. We will also be having a happy hour in our booth again this year talking about our new ad campaign, “Realize the Hidden Value,” there will be some great prizes and a chance to catch-up with the Novus team. A full list of events we are hosting is available on our website here.

In addition to everything we have going at IPPE; we are a proud sponsor at the Canadian Dairy Expo in April. We have partnered with the Expo and Purina to become a Producer Development Diamond Sponsor for the Dairy in the Classroom series.

We are certainly looking forward to the holiday season with our families and wish you and yours the best. We will see you in 2016!


Getting to Know Mike Windham  

What is your official title at Novus?
National Sales Manager – US Monogastric Team

How long have you been with Novus?
23 years on November 30! Starting my 24th year.

In your role what is the most interesting thing you do?  
Spend time with customers hearing their issues and opportunities, as well as their accomplishments. Know that we are working to provide the population with quality foods.

What is your favorite Novus product?
What accomplishment or moment in your career are you most proud of?
When a large customer executive at a family owned business introduced me to his wife as “a family friend.”

What is the oddest or hardest question a customer has ever asked you?  
More than once a customer has asked me for the name and phone number of a competitor’s representative.

How do you work with customers to address their needs and overcome challenges they face?
Try to really listen to their needs and challenges.  Many times input and help is not necessarily what we have to offer in the form of Novus products.  

When you are not promoting Novus products what do you like to do?
I like spending time with friends and family, usually around a dinner table. Also have a few hobbies I enjoy including golf, furniture building and travel with my wife.

If you had to choose only one book for your library, what would it be?  
When I started my working career with Ralston Purina Co, I was given the book “I Dare You” by William Danforth, founder of the company.   It’s still one I reread and appreciate after 30 years.

What is your favorite chicken product to eat?   
Green chicken enchiladas.


MINTREX: Trace Minerals to Improve Performance