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Novus Forum Focuses on Protease Use in the Animal Feed Industry

--Timely introduction of scientific information highly valued in-market--

St. Louis – February 12, 2014 – Leading animal protein producers from the Southeast Asia Pacific Region recently gathered to work on the best model for using enzymes in animal diets. The Novus Forum-Enzyme Summit, one of the first forums organized in HuaHin, Thailand, was focused entirely on meeting the needs of the local animal feeding industry.

Nayak Ramakanta, Novus SEAP Regional Marketing Manager noted, “Our customers found great value in the Novus Forum because feed prices continue to trend higher and feed quality continues to be a challenge. We are very focused on using locally available raw materials and byproducts for feed cost savings without sacrificing performance.”

The Novus Forum provided the perfect platform to share the knowledge and experience of commercial application among producers, academicians and researchers with experts, such as Dr. Howard Simmins to improve application of enzymes in diets. Dr. Simmins, who has spent more than 15 years of his career establishing the use of enzymes in commercial diets, shared his experience by presenting Evolution of Enzymes in Animal Feed Industry and How to identify Good Enzymes during the session.

Dr. Chris Knight the Chief Innovation Officer for Novus presented Animal Food Today and Tomorrow. Dr. Knight stressed the need for new innovative technologies to meet the growing demand for food as the population grows, mentioning a note on the platforms Novus is investing to help the industry to meet this demand.

The summit had a strong participation from all participants who shared their real time experiences on use of alternative raw materials and also on how best has been their experience on using CIBENZA® DP100 in their commercial diets. Many participants interacted and found the bottlenecks of few raw materials could be alleviated when using protease, and were encouraged to set up higher limits for many raw materials in swine and poultry diets based on their daily feeding practices on-farm.

Dr. Vaibhav Nagpal, Regional Director of Novus stated, “Novus is committed to bringing more technologies forward for our customers and sharing in the Novus Forum platform in the future.”


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