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The Potential For Poultry Production in Developing Countries

The Potential For Poultry Production in Developing Countries
15-18 October 2015 | Istanbul, Turkey

Our Novus experts will be present at the WPSA congress called The Potential For Poultry Production in Developing Countries. This conference is organized by both Russian and Turkish branches of the WPSA.

Novus strongly encourages platforms for the exchange of new ideas and information on the main topics related to animal nutrition. Novus recognizes the challenges the poultry industry is facing and is here to help turn them into opportunities. In the poultry industry, managing feed cost and optimizing nutrition are critical to optimal performance. Novus offers a full range of nutritional solutions that provide greater flexibility and control over feed inputs while supporting higher performance and welfare status:

  • ALIMET and MHA optimize amino acid formulation to minimize excess dietary protein.
  • MINTREX chelated organic trace minerals support optimal development of the skeleton and tissues resulting in enhanced carcass quality & value.
  • AVIMATRIX, a granulated premixture of nature identical flavoring compounds, including benzoic acid, targets the gut microflora for high production efficiency and proven , in houses facing intestinal health challenges.
  • ACTIVATE WD Max, a unique, liquid combination of HTMBa and organic acids, optimizes gut health to reduce incidence of diarrhea and wet litter.
  • CIBENZA® DP100 feed additive is an intrinsically, heat-stable, broad spectrum protease that complements the animal’s endogenous enzymes to hydrolyze less digestible proteins in animal feeds.

Learn more on enzymes nutrition during the congress and don’t miss out the presentation from Howard Simmins “Optimizing enzyme use in poultry nutrition to obtain maximum value”. The presentation is scheduled at 11:20AM on Saturday Oct 17th.

For more information on Novus products, meet with our Novus experts during the congress or contact us by filling in the form below: