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With nearly 800 employees and offices worldwide we believe that team and cross-functional work is instrumental in order to bring people with different expertise, experiences and ideas together to solve a problem, explore a potential solution and reach the same goal.

Here at Novus, we are all dedicated to the same goal – to help our customers feed the world. It gives us each a purpose to what we do every day!

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How we operate...

The senior leadership team developed the Novus Management System to allow employees with diverse ways of thinking from different functional disciplines to work together effectively.

Within this framework, all employees are empowered to contribute to our strategy.


Sustainability is at the heart of the Novus business.

It is a part of the strategy. Novus’s customers are facing ongoing challenges to produce safe, affordable food with the least possible insult to the environment. As a partner, Novus must provide solutions which not only solve customer pains, but do so sustainably.

Learn more about Sustainability and the connection to Engaged and Empowered Employees here

Take a look at our Benefits!

Novus International values our exceptional employees and offers a robust, market competitive benefits package across all the countries in which we operate. In addition to the benefits offered, we are committed to helping our employees lead a healthy lifestyle by offering a comprehensive wellness program to meet their diverse needs, including those that promote physical, financial, social and emotional well-being.

We believe that delivering in these areas has a strong, positive impact on employee engagement, helping drive the organization to deliver on its long-term vision, mission and core values.


Meet one of our employees!


Abishek Shingote, Manager, Methionine Marketing

“For me, the best part of working at Novus International is learning from my experienced colleagues, managers and executives within the company. I am surrounded by individuals who are passionate about making a difference in the North America livestock industry, which makes my job very fulfilling. I’ve been provided opportunities to improve business and cognitive skills at Novus and have been fortunate to be afforded avenues of growth through my career here.”

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In 2016, Novus International celebrated 25 years!

Take a look at the video highlighting the last 25 years at Novus.

Learn more about our history and how we became Novus International here!

25 yrs

Job Openings

Sales Manager, Northern China

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JOB TITLE: Sales Specialist, Northern China 华北区销售专员 (external title is Sales Manager 华北区销售经理)
RESPONSIBLE TERRITORY: Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi, Ningxia, Gansu, Xinjiang
REPORT TO: Sales Manager, Western China
LOCATION: Home office in 1st tier or 2nd tier City


1. 达成指定区域的销售业绩目标
Achieve the sales budgets of targeted provinces
2. 执行并遵守诺伟司的政策
Acting with integrity and compliance with company policies
3. 建立销售体系,辅导经销商,使经销商配合诺伟司销售策略,并确保完成销售流程
Setup and maintain the Sales channel structure, manage and coach the distributors to cooperate with Novus Sales strategies and ensure the sales process completed properly
4. 开发、维持重点客户,并在诺伟司客户关系管理系统中建立并完善客户讯息
Develop and maintain Key Customers, and set up information in Novus CRM system
5. 收集市场讯息与竞争对手动向,及时反馈相关信息
Collect Market trends and competitors information, provide timely feedback and suggestions
6. 与技术服务团队合作,定期安排重点客户的拜访和会议,根据区域内具体情况,与市场部协调组织和开办市场活动,专家论坛和以配合销售计划的执行
Co-work with Technical Service team, schedule experts meeting and visits to Key Customers; based on the regional situations, coordinate with Novus Marketing to plan and organize market events and promotion activities, expert seminars to support Sales plan implementation
7. 撰写月工作报告、客户拜访记录、市场预测报告及其他公司规定之报告表格
Complete monthly working report, customer visit report, marketing trends feedback report and other reports requested


1. 本科或以上学历,动物医学、动物科学、动物营养或相关专业毕业,五年以上工作经验,善于开发和管理经销商网络
Bachelor or above majored in DVM, Animal Health or Animal Nutrition, relevant working experience over 5 years, familiar with Distributor development and management
2. 熟悉操作MS-Office软件
Familiar with MS-office applications
3. 表达能力佳,具备一定的演讲技巧, 基本英文书写阅读能力
Presentation skills in public environment, can read and write in English
4. 积极主动,抗压能力强,能吃苦耐劳,有责任心及较强的团队意识
Proactive attitude and ability to work under pressure. Be responsible for individual output and team spirit
5. 身体健康,适应频繁出差
In Good health and be able to travel around 50%.
6. 持汽车驾照者优先
Driving license would be an advantage.

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