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IPPE 2020


Novus has been a leader in the animal nutrition industry for nearly three decades and has a solid foundation of research behind every product and application. With some of the best scientists in the world, Novus’s research and development team continues to push boundaries and discover new ways for producers to improve efficiency, productivity and overall business success. Gain insight into the latest research from Novus by attending the International Poultry Scientific Forum (IPSF) presentations held in conjunction with IPPE.

To view the abstracts, please click on the title of the presentation.

Metabolism and Nutrition, Enzymes, Feed Additives

P309, presented by: Megharaja Manangi, Effects of higher doses of microbial phytase on performance and bone ash in broilers fed moderately deficient non-phytate phosphorus using corn-soybean meal-based diets

Metabolism & Nutrition IX, Gen. Nutrition/Enzymes

T164, presented by: Raquel Araujo, Conventional trypsin inhibitor levels of soybean meal and protease supplementation affect digestibility in broilers

T167, presented by: Frances Yan, Effect of dietary supplementation of essential oil and organic acid alone or in combination in BroilersBroilers

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