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IPPE Marketplace℠ 2021

Find Novus in the IPPE Marketplace

The digital marketplace offers attendee/exhibitor engagement, education programs, on-demand TECHTalks and information about new products through the Innovation Station/New Product Showcase.

To access the online content, fill in the "Request Your Personal Marketplace Guide" link bellow.

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These short, on-demand sessions are a great way to learn about the research we’re doing at Novus.

  • A Dietary Essential Oil Formulation to Bolster Gut Health and Boost Performance from Sven Keller
  • Antagonisms are eating your minerals from Heather Tucker
  • Effect of Maternal Supplementation of MINTREX® Zn in Breeder Hens on Progeny Health from Juxing Chen
  • Organic Acid Combinations with HMTBa: Applications in Pathogen Control for Poultry and Swine from Dexter Abrigo
  • Effect of Dietary MMHAC Trace Minerals on Lameness in Finisher Pigs from Karen Wedekind
  • Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Technology to Predict Soybean Meal Trypsin Inhibitor and together with Protease to Achieve Precision Nutrition and Improve Animal Performance from Frances Yan

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International Poultry Scientific Forum (IPSF)

Novus returns to IPSF this year to present our latest scientific findings.

Efficacy of an essential oil blend alone or combined with a coccidiosis vaccine against Eimeria challenge in broilers from Frances Yan, senior research scientist - poultry nutrition.

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