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Dr. Carl M. Parsons Selected as Novus Outstanding Scholar


    The daily downpours and sweltering temperatures in Orlando, Florida at the annual Novus PSA Party during the Poultry Science Association Annual Meeting did not stand in the way of good times with colleagues and students or the presentation of the prestigious Novus Outstanding Scholar Award.

    This award was given to an individual who serves as an exemplary scholar in his area of expertise and works closely with the Novus North America technical team through research partnerships and collaborations. This year, Dr. Carl M. Parsons from the University of Illinois was the recipient of this award.

    As a faculty member for the University of Illinois, Parsons studies digestion, absorption and utilization of dietary components with an emphasis on poultry.

    “Poultry meat and eggs are very important foods for humans and consumption around the world is increasing much more rapidly than any other type of meat,” said Parsons. “It will be necessary to produce poultry more efficiently and research will be necessary to achieve these goals.”

    He is currently working on developing high quality feeds to enhance the growth and health of poultry, humans and other animals. Although his primary focus is on poultry nutrition, he also studies the nutrition of humans, ruminants, companion animals, fish and zoo animals with an emphasis on feed ingredient and foodstuffs evaluation.

    For example, Parsons has been working collaboratively with other researchers from across the nation to determine the viability of algae as an animal feed, all while working to ensure a top-notch curriculum for his students.

    Parsons also does his part to educate the next generation of poultry scientists. At the University of Illinois, he is responsible for five courses per year, as well as a sixth course that he shares and many guest lectures. He also teaches part of an advanced poultry nutrition course in the Midwest Poultry Consortium Center of Excellence at the University of Wisconsin.

    Parsons received his undergraduate degree in general agriculture from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore and his master’s and Ph.D. from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Parsons was one of the first inductees in the University of Maryland Eastern Shore Hall of Fame and has received numerous awards from the University of Illinois and the Poultry Science Association.

    Novus would like to congratulate Dr. Carl M. Parsons as the recipient of the 2017 Novus Outstanding Scholar Award.