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​Novus Shows Zinc Oxide Alternative at JRP 2020

Reus, Spain (February 21, 2020) -- Novus International, Inc., recently participated in the 52nd edition of Journées de la Recherche Porcine (JRP). Novus, a leader in science-based health and nutrition solutions for the animal agriculture industry presented studies aimed to demonstrate the value of PROVENIA™ CF-Z, a protected benzoic acid, as an alternative to zinc oxide.

The limitation of zinc oxide (ZnO) use in Europe is a challenge for the swine industry, but it also provides an opportunity to explore alternative zinc sources supporting a more sustainable swine production. JRP held in Paris on February 4-5 was an opportunity for Novus to share its latest findings on protected organic acids that can help swine producers to put weaning without ZnO into practice.


Dr. Roberto Barea, technical services manager for Novus Europe, presented a poster on Novus’s protected benzoic acid product, PROVENIA™ CF-Z. In studies conducted in Spain, results showed that PROVENIA™ CF-Z supplementation improved performance, resulting in a better feed conversion ratio in piglets compared to using 2,500 ppm ZnO. Moreover, in one of the studies, piglets supplemented with PROVENIA™ CF-Z also showed a higher average daily gain and a clear reduction in medication costs, diarrhea incidence and mortality, demonstrating the beneficial effect of the product on gut health. These results confirm previous findings in experimental and commercial studies demonstrating that PROVENIA™ CF-Z can be a valuable tool to consider when replacing ZnO to reduce piglet post-weaning health challenges.

Barea said this research is part of the solutions Novus investigated for the swine industry.

“Novus is working with a variety of technologies to find the right solution as an alternative to zinc oxide,” he said. “The information presented at JRP is exciting and we’re ready to work synergistically with our customers to find the most effective solution for them before zinc oxide in pigs will be phased out in the European Union in 2022.”

PROVENIA™ CF-Z is a protected benzoic acid made with Novus Premium Blend protection technology, resulting in a non-dusty, free-flowing product for an easy and safe handling. Studies show the protective vegetable oil matrix embedding the components allows a control release of the active substances in the intestine of the animals where the most relevant pathogens affecting the post-weaning period proliferate.

JRP brings together swine production professionals from France and other European countries. These technical sessions are essential for Novus to present its latest research in the high priority areas of the swine industry and to demonstrate how products can boost animal performance and producer profitability. More information about Novus’s products and other upcoming events can be found here.

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