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Novus supports STEAM-focused education

Novus colleagues from Headquarters in Missouri recently helped a local charter elementary school surpass its fundraising goals.

Members of Novus’s Innovation Team in October participated in an annual Gala at The Biome, a school for children in kindergarten to fifth grade that emphasizes STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) education in its curriculum. Because of its charter status, Biome receives less than 75% of the federal and state funding that traditional public schools receive. The Gala, sponsored by Novus at the gold level, raised $157,288 USD, surpassing the goal set by organizers.

Novus’s Associate Director of Product and Process Innovation Alex Zaks, who serves on the school’s Board, said this was the first year Novus participated in the event and he hopes it is the start of a long tradition.

“For Novus, innovation and technology go hand-in-hand. Investing in the education of these children helps every child realize their unique potential and achieve success. This could mean that someday they are the ones creating a new product or service that will revolutionize our industry,” Zaks said.

For more information about The Biome School, visit thebiomeschool.org

Novus supports community organizations and philanthropic efforts through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program. Through the program, Novus demonstrates its commitment to local economic development while improving the quality of life for Novus colleagues and their families, as well as the communities where Novus does business and society at large.





Pictures from top left: Members of The Biome Board of Directors. Gala attendees during the live auction. Novus's Process Development Senior Specialist Tracy Rode and her wife Becky during the event.