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A Commitment to Sustainability

Together, we can build sustainable businesses that contribute to a sustainable world.

NOVUS Sustainability Compass

Made To Last: Sustainability for Everyone

For more than 30 years, NOVUS has made sustainability an everyday focus. Our commitment runs deep, infused in every aspect of our company, from our employees and our researchers to our shipping lines, supply chains, and product offerings. Together, we strive to positively impact the lives of the customers we serve, the communities where we live and work, and the environment where we dwell.

Our Sustainability Priority Compass is made up of 5 Pillars:

  1. Customer Productivity and Profitability
  2. Engaged & Empowered Employees
  3. Sustainable Animal Agriculture
  4. Human Health & Nutrition
  5. Supply Chain Efficiency

When everything works together, sustainability works for everyone.

Spotlight on Sustainability: C.O.W.S.® Program

Our whole-farm assessment program was developed to identify herd performance bottlenecks. The NOVUS C.O.W.S.® Program has influenced cow comfort and animal welfare on more than 20% of the U.S. dairy herd since 2011.

Happier cows. More productive outputs. Stronger business. It’s how sustainability sustains itself.

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Making a Real, Sustainable Difference

When we make a promise, we deliver. And since we were founded, NOVUS has:

  • Invested more than $30 million in product research that directly impacts sustainability in the animal agriculture industry.
  • Introduced the INTERIUS® technology platform to reduce the overall carbon footprint of the food chain, using corn as a carrier to incorporate and express a variety of molecules used in animal nutrition and health.
  • Donated funds and hours to organizations and programs where our employees live. So far, we’ve supported more than 170+ causes in local communities around the globe.
  • Provided education and real-world experience to young men and women around the world who are working to be the next bright minds in the field of agriculture.
  • Increased shipping efficiencies, reducing miles traveled globally, and reducing CO2 emissions globally.

We work with our partners across the industry to make sustainable agriculture a reality.

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Together, We Can Create a Sustainable Future

Let’s work together to help your animals reach their full potential and create a more sustainable future for our planet and for your business.

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