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AVIMATRIX® Z is an EU approved, zootechnical feed additive according to the Regulation (EU) 2018/982 of 11 July 2018. The regulation recognizes the efficacy and functionality of AVIMATRIX Z to improve the zootechnical performance of broilers and pullets, demonstrating a significant improvement in their feed conversion ratios.

AVIMATRIX Z is an innovative preparation of benzoic acid, calcium formate and fumaric acid, manufactured with a state of the art production process, the Novus Premium Blend Technology (NPB), which allows the active anti-bacterial ingredients to be progressively delivered up to the distal part of the intestinal tract, resulting in stabilizing effects on the gut microflora.

A number of scientific studies following strict EFSA guidelines and various commercial trials have proven the benefits of AVIMATRIX Z on poultry performance. Birds fed AVIMATRIX Z show increased production efficiency, resulting in improved profitability, particularly in challenged poultry operations, as seen in

  • Enhanced growth
  • Reduce feed conversion
  • Better Foot pad health

The exclusive Novus Premium Blend formulation of AVIMATRIX Z also guarantees:

  • Secure handling as it is dustless, free flowing and non-corrosive
  • Homogeneously mixing in the feed for optimal intake by the bird
  • Stability during feed manufacturing processes

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