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Pigment products which come from a natural source of lutein and zeaxanthin have essential health benefits for animal and human health. Antioxidant, immunostimulant and photoprotector properties are unique to natural pigments. However, the traditional production processes limit the stability and deposition capabilities of these sources relative to synthetics.

COLORTEK® Yellow B is a new type of natural pigment. The new, IP-protected technology produces a natural product with equal stability, particle size and deposition, all while allowing the benefits which are unseen in synthetic sources. This leads to uniform coloration for egg yolks.

Product features:

100% natural source of carotenoids: : highest concentration in natural yellow xanthophylls (10%)

Cost efficient application

Highly stable and equivalent to apo-ester

COLORTEK® Yellow B is a 10% concentration natural pigment source using new, proprietary technology from Novus. It is the highest concentration available in the market, delivering equivalent performance to apo-ester in egg yolk coloration and broiler skin, while reducing overall application cost.