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European customers get a quality look at Little Rock

European customers get a quality look at Little RockEarlier this week Novus customers from across Europe were given a behind the scenes look at just how much quality control and assurance is put into each bag of MINTREX®  chelated trace minerals, at our manufacturing facility in Little Rock, Arkansas. 

As part of a Swine Knowledge Trip, customers from Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Portugal and Belgium visited the recently expanded production plant, where MHA® Feed Supplement and MINTREX – a range of chelated trace mineral products – are produced and packaged.

John Farmer, Plant Manager at the Little Rock site, told customers that providing products of exceptional quality, in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly fashion, was the key driver behind a number of procedures and practices at the 53 acre site.

“We believe in providing products that have real value to our customers, meaning they’re free of contaminants and of a consistently high quality – without exception.”

With that in mind, the team of more than 40 staff operate the facility for 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and test raw materials and finished products, as part of a rigorous Quality Assurance and Quality Control program. John told the European delegation that the site incorporates comprehensive in-house laboratory testing facilities, which examine each product lot against a variety of quality parameters such as minor impurities and mineral content.  

“We produce products that are sold around the world, and there is an absolute focus on content purity, so we test every lot that is produced to ensure quality and ultimately, peace of mind for our customers. They know that they can rely on every product we produce because we have ensured its quality at every step of the production process.”

Customers were given a tour of the facility and were able to see the laboratories, production processes, and packaging lines – including state of the art manufacturing and packaging machines which further ensure quality and efficiency.

“We built the plant with automation in mind,” John said. “The packaging line needs just one operator per shift, thanks to the latest advances in technology and computer control.”

The team is also committed to sustainable production and has been awarded a number of certifications for environmental performance, and health and safety procedures.