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​Novus to Present Guidance on Swine Biosecurity at African Swine Fever Event

SAINT CHARLES, MO (February 20, 2020) -- As African swine fever (ASF) continues to spread and more details about the viral disease’s negative impact on China’s swine farms are brought to light, the global swine industry is looking for ways to reduce ASF risk until effective vaccines are available.

In conjunction with VICTAM Asia and Animal Health and Nutrition Asia in Bangkok, Thailand on March 24-26, Feed Strategy magazine will host a half-day conference addressing issues relevant to animal feed producers in Southeast Asia and elsewhere as they work to prevent and combat swine diseases — including ASF.

Novus’s monogastric senior technical manager for North America, Dr. Brad Lawrence, will open the event on March 24. Along with his work with Novus customers, last year Lawrence collaborated with Dr. Scott Dee at Pipestone Applied Research to evaluate the effectiveness of Novus products against viral diseases of everyday importance in swine production.

At the conference, Lawrence will talk about how animal feed can be a carrier for Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS), Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea (PED) virus and Seneca Valley A (SVA) and what feed producers, mills, and pork producers can do to mitigate the risk of spreading these diseases and others through the use of novel feed ingredients.

“Biosecurity at the farm level has always been an important focus in pork production,” Lawrence said.“With the information we now have from work conducted by Dr. Dee and others on virus survival in feed and ingredients, and the work conducted by researchers at Kansas State University on virus survival from the mill to the farm, we must extend our biosecurity focus to include ingredients, milling and delivery, and look for additives that can pay for themselves through performance but provide virus risk mitigation, including viruses of everyday importance.”

A Novus product that has been shown in studies to reduce the risk of such viruses in feed is ACTIVATE® DA nutritional feed acid. The product, marketed to swine, poultry and aquaculture industries, is a blend of organic acids and methionine hydroxy analogue HMTBa. Lawrence will share those findings and how producers in Asia have used the product, during his presentation on March 24.

The event will also include speakers from Darling Ingredients, Kemin, DuPont, Anitox, and Pertstorp.

For more information or to register, visit https://www.wattglobalmedia.com/events/feed-strategy-events/

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