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The 2014 Novus Interns are off to a great start!

On Friday June 6th,2014  thirteen interns gathered for an hour, at Novus International, Inc Headquarters, for their first Lunch and Learn. The Lunch and Learn was a casual gathering for the students to talk to each other about how things were going, what they like and do not like, and their expectations moving forward. They were able to interact with other interns and learn about each others daily activities.  The students also played a couple of personality games and took the time to talk about the intern activities coming up. Some of the activities include a Zoo Trip, a Green Acres Tour, and a Cardinals Baseball game. 

Lee Yantis is our C.O.W.S. intern from California who is working directly with Megan Mouw. The photo she shared is one out in the field learning about the C.O.W.S. program earlier this week.  Here is what she had to say about Novus and the C.O.W.S. Assessment summer internship:

"When I first joined Novus for the C.O.W.S Assessment summer internship I was unaware of how detailed the program was. I have gained much hands on experience working on the C.O.W.S Assessments for each dairy that I attend. For each assessment that I participate in, the C.O.W.S program takes a collection of data from each dairy. This data includes stall measurements, dry matter intake from stalls, temperature readings, hock and knee scoring from the collective total of the pen being assessed, as well as gait scoring for individual pens. We also put sensors on one of the hind legs of each cow being assessed to measure the amount of time the cow is lying down during the day.  The science and research behind the C.O.W.S program makes it a great learning experience. I enjoy learning and I look forward to the next assessment that I participate in."

Stay tuned for more updates and pictures!