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Novus Intern Spotlight: Aaron Oxendine

 Novus Intern Spotlight: Aaron Oxendine

If you know any promising graduate or undergraduate students that might be interested in our internship program next summer, send them our way by having them email Intern4Novus@novusint.com for information about next year.

This is Aaron Oxendine, one of our physiology interns at Novus Headquarters this summer. He’s a rising senior and poultry science major at the University of North Carolina. Similar to our other interns, he holds a stake in helping feed the world’s future population of 9.6 billion people that will be living by 2050. This will prove to be a major challenge that can’t be solved by simply expanding agricultural lands.[i] Our world will thrive on future innovators.

Aaron works in R&D, experiencing first hand lab work and growing as a professional. He’s been supporting Novus researchers in his project testing soybean-based feed products’ effectiveness. 


We sat down with Aaron over lunch and asked him about how his summer here at Novus is going. He told us about the most surprising thing he’s experienced as an intern:

“When you think of a farm, you don’t think of solar panels. You definitely don’t think of geothermic heating. I was blown away,” he said about his visit to the Novus Green Acres Research Farm.[ii] “And the work structure here - it’s a great environment, it’s really conducive to hard work,” he continued.

Back in North Carolina, Aaron loves photography and driving his 66’ Mustang.

“I could drive it for hours until the gas runs out. Then do it again the next day,” he said about his hobby.

Aaron is living in Missouri this summer with support from the Dr. Andrew F. Giesen Internship Program. Dr. Giesen was a beloved Novus employee who made large strides in advancing the poultry industry to where it is today. The program promotes the engagement and development of promising young minds in the poultry industry.

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