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The natural way for more efficient pigmentation:

Innovative natural pigment
Reliable alternative to synthetic apo-ester
Meeting consumer demand


COLORTEK YELLOW is equivalent in egg yolk coloration to synthetic apo-ester

  • 100% natural way of highly efficient pigmentation of eggs and/or broiler skin;
  • The highest (10%) concentrated source of natural yellow carotenoids available on the market;
  • A reliable, sustainable, and cost-effective alternative to apo-ester


Innovative Natural Pigment

  • A unique Novus patented manufacturing technology:

    > 10% xanthophylls (mainly lutein & zeaxanthin), highest concentrated source of yellow pigment extracted from the Marigold flower;

    >Improved stability compared to traditionally produced natural pigments.
  • Produced in the European Union in a new state-of-the art facility under FAMI-QS certification and strict control plan of undesirable substances.

Reliable Alternative to Synthetic Apo-ester

  • Equivalent high and consistent pigmentation of egg yolk, broiler skin and shanks
  • As convenient in use: optimal flowability, homogeneous mixing in feed and high stability

Meeting Consumer Demand

The growing interest of consumers in healthier and natural products, drives the poultry market towards the use of more natural solutions. Novus’s unique pigmenting solution COLORTEK YELLOW B® meets this demand.

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