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What does "Realize the Hidden Value" mean?

Beyond traditional product functions, Novus’s customers want more from their feed ingredients. They want solutions to their food production challenges and world-class, attentive service from the company that provides them. They want to do more with less, ultimately increasing profitability and minimizing environmental impact. Novus continually engages with our customers directly and through industry forums to address this issue.

“Realize the Hidden Value” is based on the premise that Novus products offer superior value to its customers, beyond traditional product functions of competitive offerings. By incorporating feed ingredient solutions from Novus into animal diets, customers can extract improved parameters and additional value from their operations, such as:

  • Reduced Feed Costs — Extracting more benefit from feed ingredients, leading to options for reducing overall costs
  • Optimized Animal Health  — Supporting animal health through nutrition backed by years of  research
  • Customer Service — Offering professional, knowledgeable, local and friendly service and support
  • Industry Service — Addressing industry challenges globally through collaboration
  • Superior Quality — Providing quality products in the market, verified by science and proven in production