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Supporting Sustainable Development of the Livestock Sector

Novus was present at the Global Agenda of Action for the Support of the Sustainable Livestock Sector Development this week and I had the fortune to represent the company at this wonderful event. 

In yesterday’s session, producer groups, like the Canadian Pork Producers and the Canadian Egg Board, shared about their sustainability initiatives and I realized that we as a company have something to contribute as well-we can add to the conversation on ways to be more efficient with livestock production.


One of the speakers at the conference remarked that in 1900 about 20% of the population lived in urban environments and by 2050 nearly 70% will live in cities. Most people today have a hard time understanding where food comes from; imagine how much more by 2050. With rising food demand, persistent rural poverty, growing natural resources scarcity and accelerating climate change, the road towards sustainable food security is increasingly challenging. From my perspective, Novus is in a prime position to help producers be more efficient with what they have and help them find partners to educate consumers about the impressive impact farmers are making to feed us.

In years to come, producers need to respond to a growing demand for meat, eggs and milk driven by a growing world population but also increasing affluence and urbanization. Demand for livestock products is projected to grow by 70 percent by 2050. The world population will have reached an estimated 9.6 billion by then. At the same time, natural resources such as land, water and nutrients are getting scarcer. 

By the end of the day, I realized how important it is that we join the discussion and help guide the outcome. I was pleased to be able to share how Novus can help with these initiatives. We know that solutions need to be found for farmers around the world to produce more, from less, in ways that benefit us all.

Check out more about the Global Agenda at http://www.livestockdialogue.org/

Michael Whitmer
Marketing Manager