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Novus's VP of Global Sales and Marketing supports 2014 Food Drive in a BIG way!

Day Six- May 29th– Last day of Challenge

I had cereal, egg, milk, and sausage patty on hamburger bun as my “normal” breakfast.  My mom cooked all of the meat patties on Day 1 and divided it into 5 portions to prevent rotten meat.  So each morning I had to microwave the patty.  This morning I was extremely excited, as it was the last day of the challenge.  Soon I would be able to eat as much as I liked without the $1.50/meal limit.  For lunch I brought my lunch box again with the same food that I ate last night at dinner.  The day passed by fast with all of the work I was doing, so I did not feel hungry until the late afternoon.  Perhaps I was getting used to it.  I went home early to ensure that I could have dinner right away in case I felt hungry.  We had dinner around 7:30pm that night, and I enjoyed my last limited meal of mostly rice and less meat and vegetables.  I had an orange before bed and I went to bed early in order to prevent hunger pains.

I am proud to say that I accomplished the goal of $4.50/day limit.  Although it started to get easier as I cut out exercise, distracted myself with work, and went to bed early to avoid hunger pains, I can’t help but think of the children who may not have these distractions.  I know that by cutting out exercise I can save calories, but children may not have this knowledge.  This experience really opened my eyes and allowed me to feel how families with no food feel when they cannot afford enough food.  We are very fortunate to have enough food and we should appreciate what we DO have and GIVE BACK when we can.

Thank you all for your support during this challenge and thank you for your donations to this 2014 Food Drive. 

Best Regards,

Samson Li