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MINTREX® : Helps to Reduce Somatic Cell Count in Dairy Cows

Mastitis is one of the costliest health problems of dairy cattle and is a major source of economic loss to dairy farmers. Somatic cell count (SCC) in milk is one of the best indicators of udder health status both in pathogenic and non-pathogenic cases.

It results in a significant reduction in milk yield, due to damage of milk producing tissues in the udder. The somatic cell count is the number of cells present in milk (body cells as distinguished from invading bacterial cells). It is used as an indicator of udder infection. Somatic cell counts higher than 283,000 cells/ ml indicate the presence of mastitis (Reneau, 1986).


The teat end is the first barrier against invading pathogens. Free radicals are produced as a result of pathogen phagocytosis when mastitis occurs, which may result in lesion of mammary epithelial cell and decreased milk secretion (Barbano et al., 2006).


Udder health & Mineral Nutrition:

Adequate mineral nutrition may be used as a strategy to optimize immune system function by the reduction of metabolic and oxidative stress; and therefore it may have a positive effect on the defense mechanisms of mammary gland against mastitis(Weiss and Wyatt, 2002).


Organic mineral sources have been reported to have higher bioavailability than inorganic minerals



Novus provides MINTREX® chelated trace minerals, a highly bioavailable source of zinc, copper, and manganese.

Mintrex Zn has reduced 55% sec in 28 Days

TRIAL RESULTS : Objective and protocol

  • Study of Mintrex Zn on SCC in a CMT positive animals.
  • Study duration - 28 days.
  • No of animals - 30 (HF X and Jersey X) with less than 100 DIM positive for CMT were selected.
  • Dose 2.Sg/h/d.
  • SCC, Milk yield, FAT and SNF were tested for the treated animals on day 0,3,7,14 and 28.
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