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Jul 11

Novus Interns Visit Green Acres Farm

Posted 5 years 10 days ago |

Novus Interns Visit Green Acres Farm

Thirteen of Novus's 2014 summer interns visited Green Acres Farm on Tuesday July 1st. The tour allowed the interns to gain a better understanding of research trials at different stages.  The interns were encouraged to ask questions about research, animals, and feed milling.  Overall, it was a great experience for all involved.  Below are some comments made by two of the interns after the visit.

"The interns’ tour of Green Acres farm gave an enlightening view into the inner-workings of Novus. Green Acres serves as a crucial part of Novus, as products that Novus produces and sells are first tested at the site before they can be marketed to customers. The staff at Green Acres tests the efficacy and safety of each product using extremely fine-tuned and controlled procedures. During our tour, we saw unique product trials on either pigs, roosters, baby chicks, or cows. It was interesting to learn that in some cases, an animal’s meat may be donated to local food pantries after testing is over, in order to reduce waste. In each room we observed conditions such as pen size, free roaming space, feed apparatus, and Novus testing materials. We also visited one of the labs where Green Acres staff analyzes test results. Overall, it was intriguing to see the true implementation of the products that we manage and work with every day at headquarters, and get a better glimpse into what Novus really does as a company." - Anna Greenhall

"Our tour around the Green Acres Farm gave me a better understanding on how product research is performed. It definitely allows me to piece together how products are envisioned, produced, and tested to be later distributed to the customer."
-David Mejia