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SOLIS® is a mineral product containing a proprietary blend of layered aluminosilicate mineral clays. When properly mixed, the SOLIS line of products has the ability to target fungal metabolites present in animal feeds.

Mycotoxins are dangerous chemicals, or secondary metabolites, produced by molds that can negatively impact animal performance, impair animal health and cause serious economic consequences, even at low levels.

Most mycotoxins, including aflatoxins, zearalenone, ochratoxin, fumonisins, T-2 toxins and DON, form on grain, seeds and forages in the fields, but they also may be produced during harvesting, processing, transportation and storage of feed ingredients. Fungal metabolites may be present in feed, even in the absence of visually or actively moldy feed. As a result, a constant risk of exposure of mycotoxin-producing molds exists most anytime animals are fed. When used as a feed-additive, SOLIS® anti-caking agent is part of an effective program for managing mycotoxin challenges.

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SOLIS® Ultra is a cost-effective solution with a combination of yeast cell wall derivatives and absorbents that has enhanced ability to target the challenges of fungal metabolites present in animal feed.

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