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SPORULIN® direct-fed microbial feed additive from Novus is an effective source of Bacillus subtilis. In lab and field studies, the inclusion of this spore-based feed additive to the poultry diet reduces the level of pathogens contained in the animals gut. The result is a decrease in feed conversion rate by at least five points versus other products. Improving the efficiency of converting feed to meat means a greater return on investment and increased profitability.

There is no disputing the fact that a healthy gut leads to a healthy bottom line. Improving gut function improves so many other key areas of poultry production including feed conversion, body weight and profits. But when it comes to the use of direct-fed microbials as an alternative to probiotics, the product also must be able to deliver another very important result – pathogen control.

Salmonella continues to be one of the most troublesome pathogens the poultry industry faces. Rising concern over both human and animal health issues has resulted in more strict Salmonella rules. The new challenge to producers is to improve production despite rising feed costs, as well as deal with increased opposition over the use of antibiotics as a means of pathogen control. That’s a tall order to fill.


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