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Novus Debuts New Research at Poultry Science Association Meeting

ST. LOUIS, July 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Novus International, Inc. announced it will reveal new research findings in poultry nutrition at the 2018 Poultry Science Association annual meeting July 23-26 in San Antonio, Texas, USA. The research presented will provide actionable findings for poultry producers and nutritionists to utilize Novus solutions including its organic acids, phytase enzymes and probiotic products.

"Organic acids are an invaluable tool in today's poultry industry," said Frances Yan, senior poultry nutrition research scientist at Novus. "We're really only just scratching the surface in terms of what they can do for poultry gut health challenges."

Yan will present her recent study of the efficacy of protected benzoic acid in broilers challenged by Eimeria, a common gut health obstacle that can lead to significant losses in poultry barns due to mortality and the resulting reduced performance. Qian Zhang, Novus poultry research scientist, will also be explaining superdosing phytase and the impact on growth performance and nutrient digestibility, particularly with broilers fed a diet with high trypsin inhibitor content.

A study led by Vivek Kuttappan, the Novus physiology research scientist who presented the groundbreaking study on organic trace minerals and woody breast at IPPE earlier this year, is focusing on the effectiveness of Novus's spore-based probiotic on improving broiler performance when challenged with necrotic enteritis, another costly obstacle to production around the world. "Necrotic enteritis has been estimated to affect up to 40 percent of commercial broiler flocks," said Kuttappan. "Through nutritional intervention with probiotics, producers can mitigate the impact of this challenge." 

To kick off the week's presentations, Novus's annual PSA party will be held at Hard Rock Café San Antonio, July 23 at 6:30 p.m. Attendees will be able to talk with Novus experts while enjoying appetizers and drinks, as well as the presentation of the annual Novus Outstanding Scholar Award, which recognizes an individual who exemplifies Novus's pursuit to develop solutions to customer problems through research as well as contributing to the poultry industry at large.

For more information about Novus's research presentations and other event details, visit the Novus PSA 2018 webpage, http://www.novusint.com/en-us/Events/psa2018.    

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