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Novus International Names Dr. Lisa Bielke as 2018 Outstanding Scholar

SAN ANTONIO, Aug. 2, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Novus International, Inc. announced that Dr. Lisa R. Bielke, professor of animal sciences at Ohio State University was recognized as the 2018 Novus Outstanding Scholar at the Poultry Science Association annual meeting.

Dr. Lisa Bielke, Ohio State University, was awarded the 2018 Novus Outstanding Scholar award for her work in poultry health and nutrition. The award was given by Dr. Mercedes Vazquez-Anon, Novus International, Inc.

"It is a tremendous honor to have been considered for the award, much less to have been chosen," said Bielke. "I have a great respect for Novus and the work it does in poultry."

This prestigious award is given to an individual who serves as an exemplary scholar in her area of expertise who has made significant contributions to the industry through her work. The selection is organized by Novus's industry-leading research and development and technical service teams.

"Lisa's research has been instrumental in shaping the future of multiple areas of poultry health and nutrition," Mercedes Vazquez-Anon, senior director of animal nutrition and facilities at Novus said. "I am honored to recognize her for this award as it is truly well-deserved."

As a faculty member of Ohio State University, Bielke focuses her current research on poultry health with emphasis on enteric diseases and the ante mortem control of food pathogens, including projects developing vaccine technologies, probiotics and creating tools and assays to better assess gastrointestinal challenges.

"Poultry are an important food supply for the world, and health is a major factor that contributes to ensuring it remains an affordable and efficient source of protein around the globe," said Bielke. "Research that contributes to improving flock health is essential for the industry and will help it continue to grow."

Bielke's research collaborations have resulted in numerous commercial vaccines for hard-to-treat diseases such as Salmonella, Camplyobacter, Eimeria, avian influenza and necrotic enteritis. Many of these vaccines were developed for delivery orally, making them more accessible to broiler and turkey production.

For more information about Novus's PSA research presentations and other event details, visit the Novus PSA 2018 webpage, http://www.novusint.com/en-us/Events/psa2018.      

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