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A Message From Our CEO

Novus CEO Francois Fraudeau

The ever-changing landscape of the agriculture industry is both exciting and intimidating. With this flexibility, every company, producer and customer can have significant and lasting impact on the future. Novus takes its role in defining the parameters of food production very seriously, with consideration outside of its own productivity and profitability to ensure a lasting and thriving industry for all.

At Novus, we work to supply the needs of producers working to feed the world. Our nutritional feed ingredients are constant catalysts in creating more efficient and productive businesses. We strive to be the helping hand to production as it takes each step forward with new products and processes. As our global population grows and develops, it is increasingly important to meet customer demand and be creative in our ability to solve problems.

Novus works to develop solutions in time with the revelation of issues instead of remaining content with current success. Throughout 2016, we have seen some of our most innovative and forward-thinking projects come to fruition, set out a trajectory for tackling new challenges and celebrated our past accomplishments as a company. Each of these efforts has marked our progress towards continually sustaining our industry, while simultaneously illuminating potential avenues for exploration and improvement.

The level of commitment we have to make sustainability a central priority rather than a guideline is what makes the Novus way of business unique. We believe that setting high standards for ourselves not only benefits our own objectives, but also serves to move the industry forward.

We thank you for your interest in our annual Novus Sustainability Update and invite you to learn more about what drives our business.

François Fraudeau

President and Chief Executive Officer