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A Message From Our CEO

Novus CEO Francois Fraudeau

With every year comes innovation, change and a new horizon for the world and our industry. Most companies share an aspiration to overcome each new set of challenges and reach ultimate success. At Novus, success is continuing to serve the needs of our customers and help them reach beyond their business objectives to provide a lasting and positive impact on the world.

Sustainability is often used as a buzzword to describe environmentally friendly business practices or initiatives. To us, sustainability just describes what we do. The existence of our company serves to support the sustainability of our animal agriculture customers and the world.

At Novus, we charge passionately into the unknown to discover new solutions to the ever-changing set of challenges to feeding a population growing beyond what we could have only imagined just a few years ago. What makes us unique is that, while fully focused on the future, we have never strayed from our history. Our Vision, “to help feed the world affordable, wholesome food and achieve a higher quality of life,” remains steadfast, and every Novus employee works in service of it. This simple concept is at the center of our business and continues to be our anchor in what can often feel like uncertain waters. We see the changing consumer perceptions, regulatory treatment and other elements of the industry we work in as providing the inspiration and opportunity to do more, do better and do it with less.

We maintain a culture that prioritizes the sustainability of our customers, business and industry above all, and that is clearly visible in our annual reporting. The 2017 Sustainability Report is full of social, environmental and scientific advances that we are proud to share with you. But, this is only a small piece of what’s to come.


François Fraudeau

President and Chief Executive Officer