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Methionine, Organic Trace Minerals, Feed Enzymes, Eubiotic Solutions, Feed Quality & Pigments

While Novus’s product portfolio is complex and varying by world region, all of these offerings can be broken into five Core Platforms: Methionine, Organic Trace Minerals, Feed Enzymes, Eubiotic Solutions, Pigments and Feed Quality.

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Current Activities

Supporting Our Customers

“To help feed the world,” as our Vision states, Novus provides extensive, no-cost services to our customers. Our vast team of experts works directly with nutritionists and operators to help them transition to a new nutritional program to meet modern consumer demand.

Reducing Inputs

Novus’s enzyme products allow animal producers to reduce the amount of inputs needed for their operation while maintaining, or even improving, performance. Years of research led to the development and enzyme feed additives constant improvement of Novus’s enzyme platform.

Feed costs can make up as much as 70 percent of production costs according to recent estimates, so producers feel pressure to reduce these wherever possible. Producers turn to Novus for a solution.

Reducing Waste

Significant time, resources and expertise goes into formulating a well-balanced diet for optimal animal performance. Still, the feed can be compromised by spoilage and contamination, causing significant losses to the producer and the animal, if not detected.

To protect our customers, Novus specifically developed feed quality products to minimize waste by combating oxidation, mold and mycotoxins, among others. Producers can minimize wasted feed and consequences of feeding spoiled feed to their animals, putting more money back in their pockets each year.

Managing Land and Water Impacts

Commercial agriculture-related pollution is a growing concern felt by the industry. Natural fertilizers are often used as a chemical-free approach to managing cropland and a win-win collaboration for crop and animal protein producers. One obstacle to this synergistic relationship is a high level of nutrients deposited in the manure that can pose problems for land and water supplies. With unmatched bioavailability, Novus products provide a cost-saving solution to producers looking to reduce their feed costs and give them peace of mind that their animals’ manure can be a beneficial tool for environmental stewardship.

Notable Products

An intrinsically heat stable protease that optimizes protein digestibility.


A highly bioavailable source of chelated organic trace minerals.


A feed preservative used to stabilize fats, meals and finished feeds.


Engaged & Empowered Employees

Novus invests in the continual development and engagement of its employees, in order for the company to deliver on its vision and mission.