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Current Activities

Prioritizing Health & Wellness

For almost a decade, Novus’s LiveWell program has provided employees with guiding information on all things health and wellness. Programs and tools are based on the four pillars of health: social, financial, physical and emotional. In 2017, almost 300 employees globally were enrolled in the program, and it continues to grow.

Supporting Healthy Joints

With an estimated 1 million tons of empty eggshells being trucked to landfills in the U.S. alone each year, according to recent industry estimates, the utilization of the membrane and calcium from the eggshell for natural health benefits was an opportunity to reduce waste and provide a natural alternative for people seeking joint and bone health support. In 2017, ESM Technologies diverted 902 tons of eggshell waste for harvesting membrane and shell calcium for nutritional supplements which are sold in several markets around the world.

Notable Products

NEM® is an eggshell membrane ingredient composed of naturally occurring nutrients essential for health joint cartilage and tissue.


ESC® is one of nature’s purest, most absorbable forms of calcium from eggshells.


Supply Chain Efficiency

As a responsible member of the food supply chain, Novus aims to reduce its own impact on the environment in its daily operations.