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Current Activities

Trains vs. Trucks

A project was chartered in 2016 to expand Novus’s fleet of railcars to replace the traditional trucks being used to transport materials between its plant in Chocolate Bayou, Texas and its manufacturing facility in Little Rock, Arkansas to reduce emissions and cost. The carbon dioxide emissions associated with this shipping route were reduced by 40% (more than 2,000 metric tons) in the first year alone, delivering substantial financial savings along the way. Based on this success, the railcar fleet was doubled, and trucks eliminated by the end of 2017.

Direct Shipping - Direct Savings

In 2017, a plan was laid out and implemented to reroute U.S. shipments of MINTREX® trace minerals and MHA® and MFP® feed supplements on new routes. In just one year, 66,705 shipping miles were saved (almost 100 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions). After this success, our other regional shipping routes around the world will be evaluated for similar savings in 2018.

Hurricane Harvey:
Weathering the Storm

The 2017 hurricane season brought record-breaking devastation to the Americas. Specifically, Hurricane Harvey caused catastrophic damage affecting more than 13 million people from Texas through Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee and Kentucky in the United States. The storm had a significant direct impact to Novus as Texas is home to multiple manufacturing facilities, warehouses, customers and offices.

Expecting the Unexpected

Flooding and other infrastructure damage stranded vehicles all over the country for weeks after Hurricane Harvey made landfall in August 2017. With record-breaking weather conditions, the likelihood of being prepared for these circumstances seemed unlikely. However, due to the thorough precautionary measures and the diligent work of Novus employees, our supply chain remained consistent throughout the world. This was achieved through two key moves: fully-stocked and strategically located product reserves, and surplus railcars positioned out of harm’s way. While it costs more to Novus to maintain these safeguards, we keep more than our customers need to guarantee a reliable supply.

Customer Productivity & Profitability

All of Novus’s products are designed to deliver an economic advantage to feed and animal producers.