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Current Activities

Rainwater Collection System

Novus’s Green Acres Research Farm in the U.S. has fully implemented a rainwater collection and use system to reduce water waste and provide nutrients to the environment. A system of gutters and tilted roofs on the largest buildings of the facility feed two 4,400-gallon containers with rainwater. Further, the runoff from washing the floors of the animal pens is collected and used on site or by local farmers as fertilizer and irrigation for their crops.

Litter and Composting

Composting is a great way to gain further use of used animal bedding and discarded feedstuffs and provide a benefit to the long-term health of the soil and plant life. At Green Acres, manure is often collected and analyzed for research, which provides great benefits to solution development. Much of the manure generated on site is then used to fertilize the pastures at the facility, providing healthy forage for the animals there. Any surplus compost material is offered to other farmers and ranchers in the nearby community.

Engaging with Stakeholders

Novus Forums provide a platform for open dialogue across various segments of the feed and animal protein industry to discuss the highest priority challenges and their potential solutions. In 2017, 25 percent more forums were held globally, and they continue to be a priority for the business in 2018.

Novus Poultry Academy

The 2017 Novus Poultry Academy focused on broiler nutrition and management, aiming to educate industry professionals on the latest trends, techniques and research in the ever-changing broiler chicken sector. The three-day event was held in China where the poultry industry is becoming more and more intense with large companies growing their market shares exponentially and small players fading away from the market.

Iberoamerican Swine Nutrition Roundtable

The first ever Iberoamerican Swine Nutrition Roundtable was held in 2017 and brought together swine experts from Italy, Spain, and Latin America to discuss the various challenges facing swine nutrition and early piglet development. The event included 26 swine professionals, representing approximately 1.35 million sows. Over the course of the event, new products, techniques, and industry attitudes were presented, allowing participants to see a clearer picture of the region as well as create opportunities for collaborative work and inspiration for new ideas and innovations.

The student side of the program works to mentor and train students to increase their employability. EEIP focuses on heightening their core skills to prepare them for a future in agribusiness they can be proud of. The other side of the program works with farmers or suppliers (including women and small contract farmers) to create means for successful business expansion and offers invaluable advice and assistance.

Investing in the Future

Novus Graduate Scholars

Over the last decade, Novus has provided invaluable, real-world research experience for bright, up-and-coming scientists from the top agriculture science universities in the world. Many Novus Graduate Scholars have gone on to make cutting-edge discoveries in the industry and some have returned to Novus for employment and continued research. In 2017, nine students were selected from Chinese agriculture universities and three were selected from Nigerian universities. Their areas of study included poultry, swine, ruminant and aquaculture sciences.

Internship Program

In 2017, Novus hosted 24 interns from around the world in the headquarters office. These individuals held positions in various departments from research to finance, all receiving valuable insight into the agriculture industry and animal nutrition business, while solving real business problems.

Next Generation Swine Nutritionist Council

Novus hosted the inaugural meeting of this council in 2017. The council was formed upon recognizing that up-and-coming nutritionists in the swine industry need resources for non-company career development, professional skill training, think tanks and networking. The agenda included a presentation discussing the latest changes, innovations and discoveries in the industry and new technologies as well as best practices for professional development and success.

Human Health & Nutrition

Though Novus’s primary focus is animal health and nutrition, the health and well-being of humans, our consumers, is equally important.