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AGRADO® Plus for Dairy

What Is AGRADO® Plus 2.0?

AGRADO® Plus 2.0 is a granular feed ingredient that contains a proprietary blend of synergistic antioxidants in combination with a free metal chelator. Its proprietary blend of antioxidants delivers superior efficacy for both animal - and plant - sourced fats, protects key ingredients such as vitamins from oxidation, and reduces harmful reactive oxygen species that can negatively impact animal health and productivity. Its metal chelator deactivates free metal ions that act as pro-oxidants and radically increase the rate of oxidation.

With its unique formulation, AGRADO® Plus 2.0 provides three primary benefits to the dairy producer.



Preserves Feed

Oxidation is the irreversible reaction of oxygen with fats, vitamins, pigments and proteins that lead to their destruction. Several factors can affect the rate of oxidation.

AGRADO® Plus 2.0 successfully decreases the rate of oxidation in a broad spectrum of commonly used fat sources. This ensures the animal receives the full energy value of feed. Additionally, AGRADO® Plus 2.0 has a sparing effect on key fat soluble vitamins such as A and E.

Supports Rumen

The presence of oxygen and reactive oxygen species (ROS) are extremely toxic to rumen bacteria, particularly those involved in fiber digestion and biohydrogenation of fatty acids. AGRADO® Plus 2.0 helps remove peroxides allowing for optimized fiber digestion and milk fat production. This benefit allows for a greater level of fat to be fed without it becoming toxic to the rumen and affecting production.

Protects the Animal

Animals are exposed to three primary stressors through their lifecycle:

  • Physiological stressors such as transition period and diseases
  • Environmental stressors such as heat stress and cold stress
  • Nutritive stressors such as oxidized fat and mycotoxins

AGRADO® Plus 2.0 helps alleviate the impact of these primary stressors on the animal and thereby support the animal’s natural antioxidant mechanism promoting oxidative balance.

Learn More About Heat Stress and Antioxidants

Help Alleviate Milk Fat Depression

Mycotoxins and Oxidative Stress

Alleviate Heat Stress with Antioxidants

For more information or to learn how to make AGRADO® Plus 2.0 work in your operations, please fill out the form below.

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