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March Canadian Pork E-newsletter

What’s Fighting Your Phytase?

There are many schools of thought on the relative value of an inorganic source of mineral versus an organic source of mineral. In an inorganic source, the metal is linked with an inorganic element (i.e. sulfate, chloride, oxide), which varies in bond strength. Inorganic trace minerals (ITMs) are often known to be antagonistic within the diet by attaching themselves to diet components like phytic acid, rendering both the inorganic mineral supplemented and the phosphorus bound to the phytate molecule unusable to the animal.

Producers typically supplement phytase to enhance phosphorus release from ingredients making it more available to the animal. However, phytate has a high affinity for the metal anions from ITM supplementation. As a result, before phytase has a chance to have an effect on phytate, mineral-phytate complexes have been formed, limiting phytase effectiveness for phosphorus liberation (Peng and Applegate, 2006). In other words, use of high levels of ITMs fights against phytase effectiveness. Adding more ITMs on top of the diet to offset these antagonists is popular due to the perceived relative lower cost of ITMs versus more available chelated mineral sources. However, over-formulating total trace mineral levels often occurs from this strategy. Choosing a high quality chelated organic trace mineral (OTM) source allows for lower trace mineral inclusion and less mineral excretion.

In OTMs, the mineral is bound to an organic ligand through coordinate covalent bonds. The term “organic” indicates the presence of carbon atoms in the ligand. The strength of these bonds and pH at which they dissociate varies between different types of OTMs. Chelate minerals are considered the most bioavailable trace mineral source on the market. In chelates, the organic ligand is bound to the mineral by coordinate covalent bonds that protect against early dissociation and antagonisms.

By supplementing a highly bioavailable chelated trace mineral, producers can expect the added phytase to be more effective and, in turn, provide more phosphorus to the diet. Efficiently feeding pigs for optimal growth, better feed efficiency and lower mortality is essential for economic return, so feeding a highly bioavailable mineral is imperative.


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It's clear that the world of pork production is changing around the globe. As a global company, Novus International understands this and has launched a specific program, Project Horizon, to help producers in the US and Canada work toward meeting market demand in a sustainable and efficient way. We offer solutions for gut health, feed quality, immunity and much more based on years of research and proven results. SANTOQUIN® feed preservative increases shelf life of feeds that easily oxidize and MINTREX® chelated trace minerals help boost immunity from the sow to the finisher hog.

Want to see more? We’d love to share more with you! Please contact your local sales representative for more information.

Benefits of MINTREX® in Swine!


New Product Announcement!


ACIDOMIX C STARTER DA® nutritional feed acid contains a blend of organic acids including methionine hydroxy analogue (HMTBa), a source of the essential amino acid methionine. ACIDOMIX C STARTER DA effectively promotes the establishment of desirable intestinal flora, helps minimize risks associated with naturally occurring potentially pathogenic bacteria and aids in diet digestibility.

This product is now available in Canada in all starter pig diets. Please contact your local Novus sales representative for more information.

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Novus Participates in Banff Pork Seminar

eeed38ca-973d-4e2e-80c4-74682aa45ebdThe Novus team had the honor of attending and sponsoring the Banff Pork Seminar in Alberta, Canada, We are proud to support both local, regional and global customers and this seminar is one of the many ways we are able to do that. Join us next year! We hope to see you there.

Getting to Know Dr. Yulin Ma


What is your official title at Novus?
Technical Services Manager, Monogastric. But before I began in this role I worked as a part of the global R&D team in St. Charles as Swine Nutrition Researcher.

How long have you been with Novus?
Six years in February, but it seems like yesterday.

What is your background in the industry?
Swine nutrition by training with focus on mineral nutrition in sows and pigs.

Which product of Novus’s is your favorite?
MINTREX®. The more research I have done on MINTREX, the more confidence I have with MINTREX. I would like to say, if you want to use the best organic trace mineral, MINTREX should be it because it is the best product with tremendous return based on what I have seen so far in the market.

What accomplishment or moment in your career are you most proud of?
My doctorate research on nutrition requirements, specifically minerals, for gestating sows and W-F pigs resulted in five peer-reviewed published articles and five presentations. Another moment was when I received a call from a customer, who kept talking about the benefits he saw with MINTREX, "I was like, [this is] the best moment ever."

What is the oddest or hardest question a customer or collaborator has ever asked you?
What is the best product that Novus makes? It’s too hard – we have so many good products!

In your opinion, what is the biggest challenge facing the animal agriculture industry today?
Collaboration and information sharing across the industry.

What would be your first move if you were tasked with helping the industry overcome that challenge?
Next Generation Nutritionist Council was formed across the industry to discuss issues and promote potential collaboration.

When you are not promoting Novus products what do you like to do?
As a fan of Big Blue Nation of University of Kentucky, of course I like to play basketball and watch the NCAA tournament.

If you could go to dinner with any 3 people dead or alive, who would you choose?
George Washington, Chairman Mao and my grandfather.

If you had to choose only one book for your library, what would it be?
A book on World History – it fascinates me.

What is your favorite beef/dairy/pork/poultry product to eat?
Pork chops and grilled ribs.


The latest certificates showing that MINTREX® is OMRI approved in the US and Canada are available. Please contact your local Novus sales representative or Customer Service to obtain a copy.

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