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MINTREX® chelated organic trace minerals provide a highly bioavailable source of trace minerals to pigs in all stages of production from sows to grow-finish hogs. The unique 2:1 chelate structure delivers high bioavailability and superior quality over other trace mineral sources both organic and inorganic. MINTREX works throughout all stages of production to optimize performance, boost immunity and gut health and improve the bottom line.

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Sow profitability and weaned pig cost impacts every aspect of a pork producer’s operation, from removal rates to piglet survivability to meeting production levels. You can support this key driver of performance through optimum nutrition and Novus can help. Our trace minerals are designed to help increase sow longevity, productivity and progeny performance to realize the greatest overall return on your investment.


Reduce Sow Mortality

MINTREX has been shown to reduce overall mortality and culling rates in sows by up to 20 percent compared to inorganic trace minerals.


Improve Progeny Performance

Pig lifetime performance starts with the sow. MINTREX has been shown to improve progeny performance through the nursery and into the finisher where pigs yielded heavier carcasses and increased profitability for producers.


Boost Reproductive Performance

Achieving a faster wean-estrus can add up quickly and vastly effect farrowing rate. Across multiple studies, MINTREX has shown to bolster reproductive parameters such as farrowing rate, number born alive, wean-estrus and litter size compared to ITMs.

Adding It All Up
From reducing mortality and cull rates to setting up the next generation for optimal performance, MINTREX can provide benefits across all swine production phases. In today’s market, productivity equals profitability and optimizing the first significantly effects the second. Table 1 and 2 show the productivity increases and associated dollar values with using MINTREX versus ITMs in a long term MINTREX trial in the U.S.


MINTREX in Nursery Piglets

When a piglet is transferred from the farrowing house to the nursery a multitude of challenges arise, from feed transition and environment shift to disease incidence. The diet of piglets in the nursery plays a role in basic nutrition as well as gut and overall health of the animal. When the gut is challenged, issues such as diarrhea arise and performance is compromised. By supplying the growing piglet with a high plane of nutrition, health and growth are optimized.

Boost Gain and Efficiency
Weaned piglets fed rations supplemented with MINTREX Cu showed better feed conversion ratios and higher final body weights than those supplemented with ITMs. Feed intake was numerically better in piglets fed MINTREX Cu as well.

Enhance Gut Health and Function
In addition to the antibacterial effect of Cu, studies conducted by Novus reveal another mode of action of Cu and MINTREX Cu. MINTREX Cu required lower maintenance for gut turnover due to an improved gut villus height-to-crypt depth ratio and promoted better nutrient digestion and absorption. MINTREX Cu improved the digestibility of several different nutrients.


Minimize Environmental Impact
Excess Cu excretion poses a significant environmental hazard due to the relative poor availability of Cu from inorganic sources. To reduce mineral excretion, it is wise to minimize mineral intake and simultaneously improve mineral availability for the nursery pig. Recent work with MINTREX Cu has indicated that 50 ppm Cu from MINTREX Cu yields growth and feed efficiency improvements as with 250 ppm Cu from ITMs.

MINTREX in Grow-Finish Pigs

Supplementing grow-finish hogs with trace minerals can be a costly venture. The value of MINTREX® improves production to reap benefits beyond the cost by improving feed:gain, optimizing gain efficiency and reducing mortality. When compared to other trace minerals on the market, MINTREX can accelerate grow-finishing pigs into profit. Additionally, MINTREX is proven to work synergistically with phytase to reduce the antagonistic effect of many additives.

Improve Feed:Gain
As the largest input cost in swine production, getting the most nutrients from feed is key to profitability. Trace mineral availability is crucial for providing the microminerals essential for structural development, management of oxidative stress and optimizing enzyme systems which allow animals to better utilize feed.


Reduce Pig Mortality
Copper (Cu) works in the gut as an antimicrobial and needs to be supplied to the animal in a highly absorbable form to boost health and performance effectively. During diet phase changes, the gut undergoes challenges causing reduced nutrient absorption and a build-up of undigested nutrients. Those undigested nutrients cause bacterial growth which can result in diarrhea, immunity suppression and ultimately, mortality in the pig.


Optimize Gain Efficiency
Heavier pigs can generate more profit. Several factors can limit or inhibit the amount a pig gains during grow-out. Optimizing factors such as genetics, management, environment and nutrition all play a role in the growth and performance of the animal.


Higher Performance for Less
Keeping space open in the ration, reducing environmental impact and reducing the antagonistic effect of multiple additives are all important to consider when higher levels of products are included in a ration. MINTREX allows for lower supplementation levels to achieve the same performance results. As a result, ingredients like phytase and other trace minerals are more available for use by the animal.



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