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Promote Gut Health and Reduce Risk of Viruses

ACTIVATE® DA nutritional feed acid is a proprietary organic acid blend for gut health and pig performance. Studies show that pigs fed ACTIVATE® DA had improved feed conversion rates compared to pigs fed Control diets. This improvement leads to lower overall production cost and higher profitability for the producer.

Novus Trial References: 404OBH008035, FV2010-18, FV2019-0077, FV2019-0083, 450OBH007075

1Novus Trial Report Summary, “ACTIVATE® DA Enhances Growing-Finishing Intake/Gain,” 2011
Novus Trial References: 2450OBH007075 and 450OBH008035
3FV2019-0083 and FV2019-0077


Across lifecycle stages, pigs are susceptible to disease and other off-feed events. ACTIVATE® DA works in the feed to reduce risk of viruses like porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV), porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRS) and Senecavirus A1. ACTIVATE® DA also works in the pig to help counter off-feed events that can lead to decreased feed efficiency and increased risk of diarrhea and mortality2.

1Novus Trial Reference: FV2018-0052, 2Li et al., 2008

Information from the Expert

Impact of Mortality in the Finishing Phase and Maintaining Herd Health

Dr. Alex Hintz, Novus International, Inc.

Megan Hammond, Novus International, Inc.

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Research on Feed Hygiene and Viruses


Research with PEDV and PRRS


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