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Pushing Boundaries: Novus Innovations Revealed at IPPE

"Creative and effective innovation is crucial to keeping up with modern production," said Scott Hine, Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer at Novus. "Our customers face new challenges daily, and we have to be ready."

This year, Novus will be focusing on three areas where poultry producers can face costly challenges or maximize profitability: gut health, meat quality and epigenetics.

Recently, Novus announced that its MINTREX® trace minerals combined with SANTOQUIN® feed preservative can help producers reduce severe woody breast and white striping by up to 50 percent. Novus researchers and technical service experts will be available to discuss how this can be implemented into poultry operations. Novus is also debuting its latest discoveries using epigenetics, which describes the changes in the gene activity and expression that occur as a result of benefits being passed from parent stock to offspring.

"This is an exciting area that is still developing," said Dr. Mercedes Vazquez-Anon, Senior Director of Animal Nutrition and Facilities at Novus. "We're really just beginning, and already we can see significant impacts on overall chick quality."

With antibiotic-free production and enteritis diseases gaining traction around the world, gut health has become increasingly important in poultry production as well. Novus's products work to restore gut health based on each unique challenge and help protect against performance loss and mortality.

For more information about Novus's presence at IPPE, visit www.novusint.com/events/IPPE2018. To learn more about Novus's products and solutions visit www.novusint.com.

About Novus International, Inc.

Novus International, Inc. is headquartered in metropolitan St. Louis, Missouri, USA and serves customers in over 100 countries around the world. A global leader in developing animal health and nutrition solutions, Novus International's products include ALIMET® and MHA® feed supplements, ACTIVATE® nutritional feed acid, ACIDOMIX® preservative premixture, CIBENZA® enzyme feed additive, MINTREX® chelated trace minerals, SANTOQUIN® feed preservative, AGRADO® feed antioxidant and many other specialty ingredients. ESM Technologies, LLC, a joint venture between Novus Nutrition Brands, LLC, a subsidiary of Novus International, and ESM Holdings, LLC, focuses on human nutrition through specialty and functional ingredients for manufacturers of foods, beverages and dietary supplements (www.stratumnutrition.com). Novus is privately owned by Mitsui & Co. (USA), Inc. and Nippon Soda Co., Ltd. For more information, visit www.novusint.com. ©2018 Novus International, Inc. All rights reserved.

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