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Alleviating Gut Health Challenges of High Soy Piglet Diets

What is CIBENZA® DP100?

CIBENZA DP100 is a broad spectrum, heat stable protease enzyme from Novus. Its ability to break down complex protein structures makes it an important part of swine diets around the world. CIBENZA DP100 has demonstrated particular effectiveness in alleviating gut health challenges in piglets, due to its ability to neutralize glycinin and ß-conglycinin. These proteins, found in soybean meal, are allergenic to piglets and can cause significant gut health and performance challenges.


Why CIBENZA DP100 for Piglets?

  • “Post-weaning lag” can be partly attributed to a piglet’s inability to cope with soy-based diets
  • Glycinin and ß-conglycinin make up about 40 percent and 30 percent of the proteins found in soy, respectively
  • Piglets are allergic to these proteins, leading to biological responses of gut inflammation, diarrhea, and reduced nutrient absorption
  • CIBENZA DP100 protease enzyme hydrolyzes protein substrates in the diet – including glycinin and ß-conglycinin

Proven Research Results

An in vitro study clearly demonstrated the ability of protease to hydrolyze glycinin and ß-conglycinin found in soybean meal (SBM) (Figure 1). Multiple in vivo studies evaluated the effect of protease on hydrolyzing glycinin and ß-conglycinin, and the resulting impact on intestinal inflammation, gut morphology and growth performance (Figures 2-5).



Giving Piglets the Proper Start

Piglets face multiple challenges during weaning. CIBENZA® DP100 can assist in alleviating those caused by allergic reactions to soy-based diets. The hydrolysis of glycinin and ß-conglycinin decreases the allergic reaction in the gut, thereby improving gut health, allowing piglets to grow faster and more efficiently. This also gives the flexibility for producers to include higher levels of SBM in nursery piglet diets to reduce feed cost.

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