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Benefits of Chelated Trace Minerals On Layer Health & Performance

What is MINTREX®?

MINTREX chelated trace mineral technology is a highly bioavailable source of trace minerals protected by HMTBa (MHA® and ALIMET® feed supplement). MINTREX minerals are nutritionally dense, delivering both highly bioavailable trace minerals and an excellent source of methionine activity. MINTREX minerals are fully defined, characterized and quality controlled, ensuring consistently high standards.

Trace Mineral Nutrition

Zn, Cu and Mn are known to have specific roles in avain metabolism, all of which are relevant to the laying hen (see Table 1). Concern over the availability of key trace minerals has resulted in the development of sources bonded to organic ligands, the organic trace minerals (OTM’s). This process reduces adverse interactions within the gut and delivers the minerals to the site of absorption in the intestine, improving uptake to the tissues. One such OTM is the chelated formed between the mineral element and two molecules of the hydroxy analogue of methionine (hydroxy methylthiobutanoic acid, HMTBa). X-ray crystalography of the cristalline material confirms the formation of a stable chelate ring structure between the mineral element and the two molecules of HMTBa (Figure 1)


Impact of trace mineral supply on animal health and performance



Application of HMTBa chelates in layer diets

The use of OTM’s in layer diets is designed to improve the supply of key trace minerals to the tissues of the bird in order to enhance both productivity and health. In addition, due to the improved absorption efficiency, there is the added benefit of reducing overall mineral content of the diet and the subsequent environmental impact of the layer operation.



These highly bioavailable mineral sources also allow nutritionists to reduce the inclusion rates of trace minerals while meeting the requirements of the bird. Use of HMTBa chelated trace minerals in this way provides a direct benefit to the environment through reduced mineral content of the litter.

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