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Customize Feed Cost Reductions in Poultry Diets with Protease Enzymes


CIBENZA DP100 allows producers to optimize the protein component of poultry diets. The protease will target all protein components, regardless of source, within common feed ingredients. There is a general misconception that the protein digestibility in feed ingredients is high enough, particularly for soybean meal. While it is true that soy protein is highly digestible (typically 85-90 percent amino acid digestibility), this means that approximately 10-15 percent is not available, representing a significant opportunity to improve amino acid utilization by supplementing animal diets with proteolytic enzymes. Formulating diets using protease enzymes offers the flexibility to allow the use of a wider variety of more cost-effective proteins while maintaining performance levels associated with more expensive feed ingredients, regardless of whether you formulate on a crude protein basis or on a digestible amino acid basis. In addition to the cost savings benefits, using protease enzymes also results in reduced nitrogen levels in the manure as a result of lower inclusion levels of protein in the diets and better amino acid digestibility despite these lower protein levels. This allows the poultry industry to accomplish more with less and meet the need for sustainable production to manage consumer expectations for environmentally compatible practices.

Formulating for Cost Savings

Using a typical Broiler grower diet, Cibenza DP100 was included with full matrix value to determine the possible cost saving that can be realized.



Research and extensive commercial experience has shown that Cibenza® DP100 allows producers to use diets formulated with proteins and amino acids that are lower than recommended industry standards with no sacrifice in performance for broilers or layers, providing considerable cost savings.

A saving of R146/ton of broiler grower feed is realized with the use of Cibenza DP100 in the example above.

The feed cost savings that can be achieved with the use of protease enzymes is highly variable and dependent upon:



Protease enzymes are valuable tools to reduce feed costs. Cibenza® DP100 can replace crude protein or amino acids in feed and at least achieve the same results. Additionally, protease supplementation can maintain gut health, and due to the increased amino acid digestibility, the animal’s requirement can be met more responsibly at lower protein levels, resulting in reduced nitrogen excretion into the environment.

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