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Did you know you can get more Zero's?

Maintaining Footpad Health Gets You and Your Complex More Zeros.



The Benefits of Managing Foot Pad Dermatitis Quick Reference Guide


Improved Nutrition, Better Performance

Footpad dermatitis is a key parameter in assessing animal welfare. Footpad health is often overlooked as a means of increasing profitability. When birds are uncomfortable, performance is compromised. When you consider that a typical flock can have a substantial percentage of footpad lesions, it’s a serious issue. Fortunately, the right nutrition can help keep lesions to a minimum, while maximizing both performance and profitability for your entire complex.

Better footpad health

You know how foot pad lesions can decrease profitability. Novus studies have shown that the right diet can reduce foot pad lesions substantially. Proper nutrition can be a major factor in raising both the quantity and quality of chicken feet. In fact, a zero grade can be worth nearly twice as much as a downgraded feet. Feeding the correct ration can mean a big increase in profitability.

The Right Ingredients: The Right Solution

Feeding Novus products helps reduce some of the most common risks of Footpad Dermatitis:

- Highly bioavailable minerals strengthen the soles of the feet, making them more resistant to footpad issues.

- Proper amino acid nutrition enables maximum tissue integrity where it counts.

- Organic acids to prevent bacterial contamination of water and litter that contribute to footpad lesions.

Novus: A More Complete Solution

Novus can provide nutrition solutions to address many current challenges in the poultry industry. We’ve built a reputation for helping to optimize poultry production for more than half a century. Novus not only advises the poultry industry on nutritionally-based issues like Footpad Dermatitis, but we can also help with production and quality issues.

Contact your Novus Representative to discuss these options further.

References available on request

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