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Get More Zeros

The Benefits of Managing Footpad Dermatitis

Improved Nutrition, Better Performance, Better Stats.

Getting more zeros can be as simple as changing your ration. A good example is footpad health, which is often overlooked as a means of increasing profitability. When birds are uncomfortable, performance is compromised. When you consider that a typical flock can have a substantial percentage of footpad lesions, it’s a serious issue. Fortunately, the right nutrition can help keep lesions to a minimum, while maximizing both performance and profitability for your entire complex.

More Exports. More Zeros.

You know how footpad lesions can decrease exportability and cut into your profit margins. Novus studies have shown the right diet can reduce footpad lesions substantially. Proper nutrition can be a major factor in raising both the quantity and quality of your export paws. In fact, a zero grade can be worth nearly twice as much as a downgraded paw. Feeding the correct ration can mean a big increase in export profitability.

The Right Trace Minerals: The Right Solution.

Feeding BioOptimized Trace Minerals from Novus, like MINTREX® chelated trace minerals, can add zeros to your bottom line by eliminating some of the most common causes of Footpad Dermatitis:

Highly bioavailable minerals strengthen the soles of the feet, making them more resistant to footpad issues.



Balancing your risk of footpad dermatitis is complicated. Careful management of strategic nutrition and environmental factors reduces your exposure to the risk zone and helps you get more zeros.


For more information please contact your nearest Novus Representative.

References available on request.

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