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Maximize Sorghum Value Lower Diet Costs


Why CIBENZA DP100 with Sorghum?

  • Sorghum is cost-effective, but contains a significant amount of kafirin, a protein that is
  • difficult to digest due to its complex structure (see Figure 1)

  • CIBENZA DP100 helps break down the complex proteins in sorghum
  • Breaking down kafirin releases starch molecules, which become available for endogeneous enzymes and deliver a high metabolizable energy value for the animal
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    Proven Research Results

    In vivo research indicated marked improvements in protein digestion, and consequently performance, due to the fact that CIBENZA® DP100 is highly effective against sorghum proteins that are difficult to digest.



    Flexibility and Cost Savings

    With CIBENZA DP100, feed producers can use cost-effective alternative feed ingredients, like sorghum, without sacrificing production performance and improve profitability as well. In addition, CIBENZA DP100 reduces hindgut protein fermentation, resulting in optimized gut health for the animal.

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