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MINTREX Cu maximizes performance.

MINTREX Cu maximizes performance.

MINTREX® Cu chelated trace mineral is a fully-defined, guaranteed structure that delivers 15 percent copper as copper methionine hydroxy analogue chelate with a 78 percent methionine value. MINTREX Cu is a highly bioavailable source of copper, protected by HMTBa, the active ingredient in ALIMET® feed supplement.

Importance of Copper

Copper forms part of enzymes which play an important role in immune sunction, protection against oxidative stress, energy metabolism and connective tissue (specially collagen) formation. Collagen is the main structural protein that provides strength in tissues such as tendons, bones, skin and intestines.

Deficiencies in copper can lead to structural defects such as increased rates of leg, tendon and intestinal breaks during growth and/or processing, as well as compromised growth performance. Because copper has low natural bioavailability and absorption in the animal, it must be supplemented. Supplying animals with an effective source of copper is key to optimized animal health.

Value of MINTREX Cu

  • Greater absorption and bioavailability than inorganic and other organic trace mineral solutions
  • Reduced inclusion rates result in similar or increased performance including body weight gain, feed conversion ratio and livability
  • Improved stability in the relatively low pH of the upper GI tract
  • Helps reduce losses due to antagonisms
  • Reduces break-up or dissociation of the mineral
  • Ligand provides methionine value

  • Greater Bioavailability

    Many trials have demonstrated that the higher bioavailability of MINTREX Cu allows producers to meet the nutritional requirement of the animal with low levels of inclusion, and that there are benefits of feeding MINTREX Cu at these lower levels. A trial conducted with dairy cattle compared the relative bioavailabilty of MINTREX Cu to inorganics and an amino acid complex. In a study done at Cornell University, dairy cattle were supplemented copper from an inorganic, amino acid complex of MINTREX. The cows supplemented with MINTREX showed a significant increase in liver copper over controls (Figure 1). Another trial with broilers compared inorganic trace minerals at higher commercial levels vs. MINTREX chelated trace minerals at lower levels. An experiment where birds were supplemented with MINTREX showed significant improvements in structural integrity of tissue, as measured by reduced footpad lesions relative to the control (Figure 2).




    Proven Strength

    In a 2010 broiler trial, MINTREX Cu efficacy was compared to copper sulfate (CuSulfate), a copper amino acid complex (CuAAC) and a copper-specific amino acid complex (CuSAAC). Intestinal breakage strength was measured as an indicator of collagen and elastin health. The intestinal breaking strength in the birds supplemented with MINTREX Cu was significantly greater than all other copper treatments (Figure 3).

    In another trial with turkeys, MINTREX Cu, Mn and Zn, was supplemented in addition to the normal inorganic trace mineral program or partially replacing inorganic trace minerals. The addition of MINTREX chelated minerals, significantly increased both tibia breaking strength and tibia bone thickness (Figure 4).

    Feeding animals the best and most effective source of copper is important so that animals can fully utilize the trace mineral. With MINTREX Cu, producers can maintain excellent performance and reduce the amount of trace mineral fed, while improving the structural health of the animal.

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    References available on request

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